Gain Control of Your Business With Business Management Coaching

Today’s workload can take its toll on owners and managers. Business management needs to be highly effective for a company to stay competitive. The high unemployment rates and large number of businesses competing for their share of the market can take its toll on managers and owners. Whether business owners have one employee or one thousand employees, there are a multitude of tasks, responsibilities and requirements that can become overwhelming. Learning how to effectively manage your time and resources with business management coaching is the best way to gain control of your business once again.

Work Better, Not Harder
Working long hours, whether you are a high-level executive or a business owner, can become draining. Burning the midnight oil night after night eventually decreases your effectiveness and productivity. Many executives and business owners do not have the resources required to figure out how to become more efficient, causing them to consistently work harder, trying to push their productivity and sales higher and higher.

Working harder is not necessarily the answer to a successful business. Finding the delicate balance between efficiency and productivity is what helps businesses gain the competitive edge in the industry. Business management coaching can help business owners realize where they are overworking and the reasons why. Pointing these things out and giving strategies to help improve the productivity is the goal of business coaching.

Time Management and Productivity
Business owners and executives will learn the effectiveness of time management, as well as setting realistic goals that have a direct impact on the company. Many owners and executives take on an attitude that they have to do it all and do it now. This only ends up burning everyone out and taking their focus off the main prize – high sales and high productivity. When you choose business management coaching, you will have someone alongside you every step of the way. The coaches understand change is not easy nor does it happen overnight.

Your business coach will help you realize where your inefficiencies lie and talk you through how to change them. If you choose one-on-one coaching, you will have the sole attention of your coach. This allows you to get personalized assistance with your issues, as well as in the progress you make to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. After you successfully complete your training with a coach, you will realize your most important goal – having a successful business.

Expand Your Business With Business Gifts

The idea of eliminating business gifts from your yearly agenda is like playing with fire.

We’ll say that one more time: you’re playing with fire if you decide not to spend on business gifts. It’s the same thought expressed in different words.

Think of business gifts as grease money. It’s the proverbial “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”. In this particular context, the notion of grease money does not have to take on a negative tone. Just as you would nurture a loving relationship with a surprise gift every now and then, you’d ensure that your customers are kept happy by humble gestures of acknowledgement from your company. To survive in a competitive business environment, business gifts are an added tool to help you navigate the unsteady waters of any business relationship or alliance. And in some cases, they can even help you expand your business.

Here’s why:

What Goes Around Comes Around

First, we firmly believe in what one mensch said to us one day: “you gotta spend money to make money.” This is a beautiful approach because it echoes the principle that what goes around comes around. To give an example, if you give a business gift to an old customer, that old customer could mean one, two, or three new customers. Picture this scene:

Person A: That’s a curious-looking memorabilia. Who gave it you?
Person B: XYZ Enterprises. I’m an old customer. They send me these gifts from time to time.
Person A: What do they do?
Person B: They sell software for graphic designers.
Person A: Hey, my graphic designers are complaining that their software is too antiquated. They want better tools to produce better layout. Maybe your guy can clue me into what’s hot in the industry in terms of graphic design?
Person B: Sure thing. Here’s his business card. Or do you want me to ask him to call you?
Person A: Nah, I’ll call him right away. My need is urgent.

That’s how it works. Before you know it, your company name has been passed around and before you know it, new customers are calling you.

Word of mouth, in our opinion, is the most powerful advertising medium there is. It’s reliable and it acts like a live, honest-to-goodness testimonial, not a canned testimonial that was penned by a tired and weary copywriter.

Giving Back to the Community

Another way of expanding your business with business gifts is to sponsor a community event. During the event, you give last year’s business gifts to every man, woman and child you meet. You’re not only being generous, you’re also advertising – again. So if a relative or a friend of one of those people happens to see your business gift with your company name and telephone number, that person may keep your contact details for future use – or else recommend you to another friend.

By giving, you start a chain. You hope the links in that chain don’t come apart. Better yet, you hope the chain grows longer!

Tips to Market Your Business With Business Card

Do you know how important is it to have your business card with you at all times? Even if you have the most eye-catching card printed and you keep them sitting in the box, it will do you no good in terms of cost and productivity. It does not only act as a billboard of your business, it represents the professionalism of your business and you as a whole.

Here are some great tips to help you market your business with business cards:

Always have some business cards with you
Do keep some in your purse, pocket or in the car, be it during or after working hours as you’ll never know who you might bump into. Always remember to have them with you so that you could distribute it to people as a way of introducing yourself to others.

Drop your business card in the mailbox around the neighborhood, schools and restaurants
This method may be useful if your business is focusing at certain residential areas. If you’re offering plumbing services for example, have someone to distribute your business cards around the area, people may be interested in having your service in the near future. If you happen to walk into any restaurants or bars with a fishbowl in place, drop one in.

Have your staff to distribute the business cards
From the highest ranking right down to the lowest ranking employees, they should have their own sets of cards with their name and contact details printed. You could make use of their contacts to introduce your services or products as a way of generating more business quickly.

Create an alternative card instead of the conventional business card
Nowadays, business card does not necessarily consists only your name and contact details. It can also be designed and printed as a coupon card, discount card, bookmark and calendar. This is a great way to encourage people to remember your business by keeping the card instead of ending up in their trash cans.

Design it professionally
If you do not have the skill to design business card yourself, please seek for advice from a professional graphic designer to get ideas on the design. An ugly looking business card will reflect your professionalism, thus, giving you a minor advantage among competitors in the field.

Comparing Online Business With Business in the Real World

Everybody knows what a business is primarily for, to make profit. The are two things that control the flow of money in a business, the cost and the income. Companies know that in order to maximize their profit, they certainly would need to minimize their expenses or cost and an easy and efficient way to do this is by means of the internet.

So, the question now is, which would be more profitable? An online business or a business in the real world? Advancements in technology has cased changes in the way businesses run. More and more companies are choosing whether to go online or stay as they are. The world wide is certainly the most efficient form of marketing created by man, making it very attractive in the eyes of business owners.

When speaking of expenses, online businesses are certainly more cost-effective. A normal business would have to face with monthly rents, electric bills, security systems, business appliances and furniture such as cash registers, refrigerators, file cabinets and wages for your workers. It is totally a different story with online businesses. All you would need to start a store is a computer and an internet connection.

Most businesses especially in the city proper pay monthly rent ranging from $4,000 – $15,000, with even half of that amount you can buy a great domain name. This is one of the reasons why most companies prefer to change their way of doing business.

Another important factor is the market. In an online business, you can not only target the local and national market but the international market as well. Consumers from around the world could connect to your business, 24-hours a day.

In a traditional business, you would need to supervise or have someone to be committed to your business and it would usually take several years until a business becomes stable. With an online business, as soon as you have a fully-functional site, you could sit back and relax. The time and effort you have could be dedicated in other more important and productive matters that could improve your online business.

Online businesses are certainly more advantageous compare to traditional businesses but it also depends on the type of business that you have. You certainly couldn’t have a hair saloon or barber shop online but you can still promote it through online advertising. A fact is that 10% to 15% of business transactions happen online.

In the future, online businesses would be more competitive and are still the ones having the bigger share of profit today.